Biden’s China Payout – Redacted

Biden’s China Payout

The House Oversight Committee made waves on Thursday when it released documents alleging that the Biden family had received money through an associate from a Chinese energy company. The funds were allegedly paid out to several members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, James Biden (the President’s brother), and Hallie Biden (the widow of the President’s late son Beau Biden).

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Foul Play in Turkish Earthquake? – Redacted

Foul Play in Turkish Earthquake?

Turkey has moved quickly to hold architects and building contractors responsible for the destruction that occurred during last week’s earthquake, which has now claimed over 30,000 lives. At least 130 people have been arrested or warrants issued for their arrest in connection to the buildings. The New York Post reports that in Turkey, earthquake codes were

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Pentagon Warns of UFO Invasion

The Pentagon is warning that aliens could be visiting our solar system and releasing “smaller probes.” These probes, says researcher Sean Kirkpatrick, are much like the missions that NASA launches into space, meaning a larger craft that launches smaller exploratory crafts. The report says that this may explain some of the recently-observed crafts in the sky. This

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